Screen Printing Services

Screen Printing Services

Print Machine

Imprint Sizes

Generally, a full front or full back imprint can be 9″ to 12″ wide and up to 12″ high.  Left chest imprints range from 2.5″ to 4″ wide and up to 4″ high.  Sleeve imprints are usually 2″ to 3″ wide and up to 10″ long for a long sleeve garment.  The size imprint will depend on the size of the garment it’s going on.  Youth size shirts will have smaller imprint limitations than that of an adult size shirt.  We try to save you money by suggesting a size that will work with all the sizes that you are ordering.


Contract/Retail Screen printing

Whether you need simple one color logos or complex multi-color designs, our screen printing is the best in town. We’ve got the skills and experience it takes to produce top quality garments you’ll be proud to wear. Most orders are ready in 10 days or less.

Screen Printing Examples

Ink Colors

We screen print in spot colors (CMYK) , meaning that the inks are not blended as they are in process color printing.  Each color is applied one at a time with individual screens.  We will match any uncoated PMS color you provide at no additional cost.  Please see the Ink Color Pallet. 


Digital art: In order to color separate your artwork we must have PC format, Vector based artwork in .AI, .CDR or .EPS formats. We accept Corel Draw documents up to version 9 and Adobe Illustrator files up to version 10. 

Do not apply any trapping in the design and separate all layers. We cannot accept embedded objects or bitmap images. Convert all text to outlines or curves. If you cannot convert the text, please provide the .TTF font file. 

Paper Art: If you do not have access to digital art we can use paper artwork. Multiple color designs must be color separated so that each color in the design appears in it’s correct position on separate pages and they must be printed in black ink. If you cannot provide separated artwork we can re-create your design by scanning it and re-drawing the image digitally. Artwork charges would apply.

Artwork Design: If you do not have a design and would like one created, our art department would be more than happy to help. Our graphic artists will work with you to create a design you’ll be happy to call your own. We have thousands of stock images and templates that can be used as is or modified to fit your specific need. We are happy to provide you with several font and color options so you’ll get exactly what you like. Art services are billed at $35/hour.

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