What is the difference between screen printing and embroidery?
Embroidery is a process in which a logo is digitized and then is stitched onto a garment with thread. Screen printing is a process in which a design printed with ink onto a garment and then cured with heat.

What is the standard production time?
Normal production time for in-house screen printing or embroidery is 10 working days. Ad Specialty products will have varying production times depending on the manufacturer.  The average is about 10-15 working days plus ship time.

What is your minimum order?
For embroidery, 6 pieces.  For screen printing, 12 pieces.  With Ad Specialty products minimums will vary by product and manufacturer.

What are your office hours?
Monday through Thursday: 9:30-4:30pm and 10-2pm on Fridays.

Can you print photos on garments?
Photos can be reproduced onto garments with a direct to garment digital imprint. The minimum is 24 pieces and production time is about 2 weeks.

What is your return policy?
Customized items cannot be returned unless the item is defective and deemed so by the manufacturer after their inspection. If you have any problems with products or merchandise you must notify Adwear Specialties within 3 days of receipt of order.

Can I bring my own goods?
Yes, you can bring your own goods; however, we do have a No Liability Policy that states, “…if Adwear does not purchase the garments, and something happens in production, we are not liable to replace the garment.”  Occasionally a needle breaks, a logo gets put on incorrectly, we are human, we do our best to take care of your garments, but accidents do occur now and then.  We will always do our best to make it right with our customers.  New or freshly dry cleaned goods are preferred.  Not all items are suitable for decoration, that is to be determined by Adwear upon examination of goods.


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